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Those Four Letters

by Frank Jackson (2017-present)

Story by Duke Basketball | Devils Life September 23rd, 2016

Last Wednesday night, our team had a video shoot in Cameron Indoor Stadium. You probably saw the photos on social media. There were more than a few of them. The whole thing was great and a lot of fun, but there was one aspect of this video shoot that made it pretty special.

As part of this shoot, we got to put on our white home uniforms for the first time.

Photo Sep 14, 9 27 37 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 14, 9 28 36 PM.jpg

When you see those four letters that you know you’re going to wear across your chest, it’s crazy. It’s still kind of surreal for me.

Growing up, I never thought I’d be in this position. Putting on that uniform and coming out into Cameron – just being in that moment in such a historic basketball venue – was a great feeling. It was just another reminder of how special it is to play for the best college basketball program of all time.

The D-U-K-E on that jersey means something special. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to put on that jersey and play for the greatest coach ever. Ever since I committed last September, I’ve looked forward to putting on that uniform and playing at Cameron Indoor. If we handle our business and do things the right way, we have an opportunity to have a special year. To be out there last Wednesday in our uniforms for the first time as a team kind of heightened that anticipation.

It made things it all a little bit more real.

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I can’t wait to run out into that crazy atmosphere and play in front of the best fans in the country. To hear the older guys on our team – our leaders – talk about how much of an honor it is to put on that uniform and play on that floor makes all of us respect the opportunity that much more.

To be a part of this legacy and this brotherhood is something I’ve dreamed of. When you look up at the banners and you see all the retired numbers, you’re reminded of all the wonderful players who have come before you. Seeing and feeling the tradition in the program pushes me to be my best each day.

Up until now, it’s all felt so far away. Now, workouts are increasing in intensity and we’re building up to the start of practice. We’re just over a month away from our first game.

To put on the jersey that so many other great players have and to see the support that we get as members of this program is humbling. I can promise that I won’t ever forget the first time I put that uniform on.

It was truly a great moment for me. I can’t wait to make so many more wearing that D-U-K-E across my chest.

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